Nothing - not a conversation, not a handshake or even a hug - establishes friendship so forcefully as eating together.
— Jonathan Safran Fuer

Wellington is the largest refugee resettlement city in the country, also fortunate enough to be home to hundreds of migrants, asylum seekers and international students. But how many established locals have been lucky enough to learn first hand about these newcomers' cultures and share the Kiwi culture with them? While Wellington has many great support groups for specific nationalities, we want to facilitate new connections - share cultures, stories, knowledge, resources & opportunity. 

Sharing a meal is a universal form of connection. Food breaks down barriers. The concept of sharing meals with strangers is not a new one. It’s a simple idea that has been tested and proven. All over the world people are opening their homes and setting the table.
And now you too can bring a plate, or open your doors!